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Blog Category: Travel Ecuador

Petzl Trail Plus Ecuador: An Experience of a Lifetime

It is safe to say I knew what I was getting myself into. The week leading up to the race my stomach was so full of butterflies I didn’t even have an appetite. I knew

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Ruta del Hielero: A trail race inspired by Ecuadorian history

Another day in Ecuador, another volcano to tackle! Just kidding, not every day is an uphill climb. If you follow the blog, however, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are more mountain than beach folk. 

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El Altar crater lake in Ecuador

El Altar: The challenge that blew my mind

I am super excited to be able to share this last trip of ours - our trek to "El Altar," an extinct volcano and crater lake in Ecuador. El Altar collapsed in the 1400’s and

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Ten Reasons Why You Will (Probably, Most Definitely) Fall in Love with Cuenca, Ecuador

Whether you're in Cuenca for a couple of days or years, you're bound to be charmed by Cuenca's historic streets, surrounding nature, delicious food, and kind people. Here are some of the top reasons why

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